Thursday, March 19, 2009

Will we ever know the answers?

Who says that the essential question has an answer? The essence of man is to be a question, and the essence of a question is to be without an answer?

But to say, "What is God? What is the World? What is my friend?" is to say that I have someone to talk to, someone to ask a question of.

The DEPTH, the meaning, the very SALT of man is his constant desire to ask the question ever deeper within himself, to feel ever more INTIMATELY the existence of an unknowable answer.

Eli Wiesel, The Town Beyond The Wall

If there is anyone in the world that has the justification to ask deep unanswerable questions of God and deserve a response, it is Eli Wiesel. The picture is of him at age 15, just before he was deported to Auschwitz.

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