Monday, July 6, 2009

Repentance ?

I have always struggled with the idea of repentance. Not knowing what is truly means and also being scared of it for some reason or another. I tend to avoid it because I don't understand it totally in either Biblical or experiential terms.

This quote better helped me rap my mind around why repentance is not only necessary but a vital component to a follower's growth as we strive to become more like Jesus.

"Repentance means turning away from darkness to light. We must name and accept our sin, understand that it remains within us, and use it as a spur to another kind of existence." Chris Hedges

This quote was taken from Hedges book called Losing Moses on the Freeway. I encourage anyone who is interested, intrigued, confused, or ignorant of the 10 Commandments application to society NOW they should pick up this book.


  1. Would be useful if god were real.

  2. God is real. thats the sweet thing.
    I did a small study on repentance a couple months ago. It is not somehting I was trying to wrap my mind around or figure out, but get a better understanding i guess you could say. God revealed..
    WHY do we need repentance?
    *we are sinners by birth (psalm 51:5)
    *we all fall short (romans 3:32)
    *no one is righteous (romans 3:10)

    HOW?-it comes from God alone.
    *2 timothy 2:25-God may perhaps grant them repentance
    *Romans 2:4-Gods KINDNESS leads us to repent

    WHAT happens if it does not happen?
    *Romans 2:5-wrath against God

    *Matthew 3:2-Inspired by God through John the baptist. One of the first things to come out of his mouth when given the chance.
    *Acts 14:16-God looked over nations in the past, but is now giving us a chance:
    *Acts 17:30-God commands us.

    *Luke 13:1-5-Jesus commands or else we will perish. Jesus looked at the soul, not the person's problems. (Luke 12:4-5, we must fear perishing. sin more dangerous than disease)
    you better preach it (Luke 24:45-47)

    John Piper quote: "The really amazing thing in this universe is not that guilty sinners perish, but that God is so slow to anger that you and I can sit here this day and have one more chance to repent."

    Praise God.