Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Infinity and Beyond (no correlation to the context of my blog)

I hate when churches do series. But I don't think it be such a bad thing if a blogger did a series. Well we will see. I am going to embark on series that my seem depressing, anti-productive, and cynical but I believe it to be a worthy exercise for myself and all of the millions of my readers that influence the world. I wont to address what is wrong with the world.

The world is tangled web of injustice and corrupted interconnectedness. Yet, it is impossible for one person to end all injustice. We need to know what is wrong so we can find out what we are passionate about what it is that we want to fight. Because the world is so interconnected fighting an injustice may in fact be fighting many.

Even more important to address is ignorance. The tangled web on interconnected injustices that we live amongst is so thick that many injustices go unseen. We may be wearing an injustice or supporting an injustice with our last meal but never even know it.

I believe with all my heart that Jesus was not preaching Christianity, hell! not even Paul used the word Christianity. Jesus was preaching the kingdom and if Christians, if I were, preaching the kingdom life wouldn't be so comfortable and we would face the same destiny that Jesus faced. Being kingdom builders means caring about this world, this society, and your community becoming more kingdom like just as much we care where my "soul" (whatever that means) and other people's "souls" are going.

This world matters and followers of Christ need to be about ending injustice. Period.

So i embark on a journey to untangle the web as much I can in order to help myself and my millions of readers learn what it is that they need about. What they have an ordained passion to end.

I would love help on this, so any suggestions, or guest blogs on how you see the world being un-kingdom like are totally welcome!

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