Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For as long as I can remember I have been absolutely terrified of snakes. I have no idea where this irrational fear of mine comes. I was also a huge Indiana Jones fan growing up and wanted to be just like him. And every big Indiana fans know that his one and only fear is snakes (accurately shown in the clip).

I love to hike and when I do hike one of the only things that I am afraid of are snakes. I choose the path depending on where I believe the least snakes will be and watch where I put every foot in order to avoid snakes at all cost. In fact my irrational fear controls how I hike.

Is this not like all other legitimate fears that we let control our lives? We may be scared to die, scared to be uncomfortable, being broke, or of allowing God to take utter control of your life. I would be willing to beat that everyone has some fear that controls our lives and interferes with us trusting in God completely.

What is your fear that is in the back of your mind that keeps you from running through the trails of life freely, not peeking behind corners and cautiously taking baby steps to avoid what it is that you are afraid of?

Many years ago I had a vision while having an amazing and pure worship experience of a snake slithering into my mind. All of a sudden a cloaked man came with a staff and crushed the head of the snake. I spent the rest of the night holding Jesus' hand in one of the most pure worship experiences I have ever heard.

At the time I had not been introduced to the Genesis 3 verse about a future savior crushing the head of the serpent. But when I made the connection i realized there is nothing to be fearful of, Jesus rules victoriously and no tangible or spiritual evil can cause me harm.

I was reminded of this constantly as I hiked the hills around the Oak's camp that are infested with all kinds of snakes.

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