Monday, January 30, 2012

Ocean Beach California

The Training School recently took a week long trip to San Diego and Tijuana. 

Conclusions from the trip: 1. Four years of Spanish and I can only ask people who their favorite soccer player is. 
2. I love Cali and would not mind at all living there one day. "Ocean Beach Christian Church" has a nice ring to
3. The human spirit is incredibly resilient and creative in the face of poverty and suffering. 
4. Sex trafficking is seriously fucked up and I am really struggling with why God allows this to happen. 
5. I really really love Cali. 

Here are some pictures from our short stop in San Diego's Ocean Beach neighborhood. More pics from Tijuana to come soon. 

Ocean Beach is an awesome community full of local surfers and vagabonds that have travelled all the way across the country for the promise of sleeping on the beach next to a bonfire ablaze with Christmas trees that were dug out of a dumpster. 

I had forgotten how refreshing and rejuvenating the sun, sand, and waves are. 

Some how Ocean Beach has remained a haven for those of us who hate the "man" and corporations. There were no big businesses, hotels, resorts, chain restaurants, and the homes were literally surf shacks sitting on five million dollar lots. 

We watched the sun set one night. Did you know when you watch the sun set on the Pacific coast you can see a green flash when the last rays of the sun disappear under the horizon? I thought I might have some sort of little flash that evening. 

Some of us stopped into the Hummingbird Coffee Shop to load up on some of this molecule to keep us going. The coffee shop was split right down the middle. On one side was a coffee shop the other was a fed ex store. 

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