Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uganda Vision Trip

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Uganda with Common Ground. Enjoy...

This is the Dental Center Restoration Gateway is building. All of the bricks are made on site by RG workers. The building is also being constructed by RG workers. 

There are like 300 Dentist for 33 million people that live in Uganda. And very few ever visit the bush. 

The first lady of Uganda visited RG June 4th. We were able to help out on the property by doing a ton of grunt labor to clean up and get the place ready for the big event. 

There are currently 90 some oprhans who now have a home at RG. There goal is to eventually have 300. 

They all love to dance, play music, sing, and have their pictures taken. 

This is the kids soccer field. 

Where we slept. Too bad the mosiquto nets did not prevent me from getting malaria. 

This wonderful family RG is connected with let use their home to set up a medical clinic for the day. People came from all around to get medical attention from the doctors, nurses, and pharmicist on the trip. After the clinic, the mother of the family prepared an amazing meal for all of us. 

Doctor Colby (RG missionary) and Bonnie (LC1...kinda like the mayor of the area). 

Their home...several mud huts. 

Obviously, the kids loved to play soccer. They were stoked when we left behind a couple soccer balls we brought. Amazing how much joy a soccer ball can bring. 

A classic Ugandan meal. 

Day 2 of our medical clinic. 

This is me triaging the patients. It was humbling to ask them questions about their illness and hear how long they had been dealing with the pain of various ailments. 

Karuma, the town nearest to the RG property. 

Boda Boda taxi drivers that gave me a ride back to RG. 

A RG worker heading back to her home after a day of work. 

A down pour of rain inspired a football (American) to breakout. 

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