Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Eden

In contrast to a prevailing image of indigenous peoples as primitive or less evolved, paleoanthropologists have found that tribal peoples in the past had stronger bones, lower rates of infant mortality, and fewer dental cavities and signs of degenerative illnesses that today's civilized and immunized people. - Van Jones,
Green Collar Economy.

It seems that is not just the human spirit that longs to be made complete. Our physical bodies long to be made whole in an environment that is more like Eden, where our spirit was once utterly connected to God and we did not experience all of the grossness of pollution, pesticides, industrialized food, and violence that racks our present society.

Our entire being, soul and flesh, long to be made whole in a place where we can experience God in an un-adultured state.

To often we separate the flesh (physical) from the spiritual.

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