Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making Home Home

So usually I only blog about deep spiritual or philosophical matters but I have recently decided that maybe all my readers out there would like something a little more laid back, relaxed, and more about my life. The last part isn't so much for my readers, do not take me for being that narcissistic, but I think I would like to just vent more about more random things going on in my life rather than feeling this heavy load to write something that is going to be this monumental discovery that is going to change lives. As if I can change lives. 

Yesterday was a good day I officially moved into my apartment and made it home. The first two nights I stayed here I was the only one and it was just to move some things in. Both nights were the worst nights of sleep ever, one of which I spontaneously woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. The other I was having such a vivid dream of a man trying to chop me down with an axe, not to mention hearing weird loud noises all through out the night I was convinced this man was actually in my apartment. It felt mostly like I was staying in a cold, plain, and lonely hotel room. 

But yesterday we broke this bad boy in and made her feel like home. First off we have furniture (a great big leather couch and a lazy boy recliner) and a great 50 inch projection tv screen that is as wide as it is deep. We had our first guests over and broke the kitchen in by making a delicious meal that we went all out on and washed it down with some ridiculously good pecan pie. 

To say the least after a day of really living and sharing life with good friends and roommates in my new apartment it felt like home and I slept like a baby, keeping the man with axe at bay. 

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