Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wisdom of Nee

Could the American individualistic thought that has plagued America since the invention of capitalism be at the core of why the modern church resembles nothing of what we see in the second testament or more importantly its lack of resemblance in the very person of Christ? 

There are many who think that they can be Christians all by themselves! But God will not allow this. Often their individual prayers are not answered, their personal study of the Scriptures does not enlighten them, and their individual seeking does not enlighten them, and their individual seeking does not lead them to God's will.
If such a person would say to another brother or sister, "I just cannot get through this matter by myself, would you help me" and they prayed together, he would be clear eventually. Whatever he could not understand by himself, he would see clearly when an answer was sought with his brother. 

Such a person is often still proud, thinking that he can make it by himself most of the time, and that there are only a few times when he cannot get through. 
This is individualism. In the church individualism must be broken. We must allow the Christ in us and the Christ in all the other brothers and sisters to become knit together in one Body.
one and only... Watchman Nee

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