Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Mandness

I find it hilarious that when March roles around everyone becomes an expert and a prophet. Some how people who have been barely been following basketball all year become experts about who will run the show, what the big upsets will be, and who the Cinderella team will be.

We know it wont happen how we or the experts predict it will happen, yet we don't hesitate in attempting to predict the future.

I looked into my smokey glass ball and guess what I saw. For the first time ever a number 1 seed loses to the 16 seeded team. Thats right, Vermont stuns Syracuse by shooting lights out against the 2-3 zone. Butler and Gonzaga face each other to get to the elite 8 for the showdown of the mid-majors. An epic game that etches itself into NCAA tourney lure when Gordan Hayward drains a last second shot to not only make it to the final 4 but to prove that Butler is the best mid-major thats not really a mid-major in the country.

I dont care what happens after that...It be nice if we kept winning, but I would be satisfied in making it that far.

Butler has made the tournament 12 of the last 14 years. Thats not easy my friends.

All I know is I cant wait for the tourney buzz to begin and for the upsets to appear out of no where. I am really am confident that this year all cylinders are clicking smoothly and at full gear for something special to happen. Could Butler be the next George Mason? Well in my very unbiased opinion, I think it is more than possible, and I am sure HOPING SO!

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