Friday, June 11, 2010

Cali Hiking

Here are some pics from a hike I went on today. There are some pretty nice short trails around the camp that offer some good views.

I have been at the Oaks now for about 48 hours. I have enjoyed almost everyone that I have met here so far.

I thought that coming to cali I would get away from all that IS the midwest and not only experience new places but new people. So far though, the majority of the people minus a handful of people, people that I work mostly with our from the midwest.

So in many ways I came here thinking I would be a minority as a midwestern, in fact it is quite the opposite. I am a minority in other ways though. For example almost everyone that is in college, minus
maybe 3 or 4, goes to a Christian
school (i.e. Taylor, Cederville, and other Bible or Christian schools in Cali). So as a religious studies major from a secular school I have some different perspectives and ways of thinking about the bible, ministry, god, religion etc than probably most of the people from Christian schools. I guess I do not have to much to base this one just yet, and I am working off of stereotypes and over generalizations but never the less I am a minority.
I am also a minority because (it seems) that most people are also all kids that grew up in the Church and that were youth group kids. This is not my story and my background with young life is mostly what has carried my faith journey.

I had a hunch that this would be the type of people that I interacted with here and is a lot of the reason that I thought it would be a good growing experience. To get outside of doing ministry inside young life. I say all of this when I have had very few "spiritual experiences" with people or the group yet and I have not witnessed how the Gospel will be preached to the kids here. Basically I have nothing yet to form any opinions but as usual I am jumping to conclusions prematurely.

I pray that I God will shatter stereotypes and generalizations that may inhibit my experience here.

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