Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Begins

Hopefully one of the many beautiful views I will see at the camp I am working at this summer...

Yo! I am so ready for summer to BEGIN for me. Granted I have been done with school since April 29 and havent done a lick of work since then, summer has yet to begun for me. I have been in limbo this last month trying to work out my summer plans.

Summer plans are always hard because I am stubborn and dont want to just work at a diaper factory making money. I want to do something that is:
for the kingdom
will allow me to become closer to Jesus
is something that is good "experience" for whatever future I pursue
that pays
and most importantly that is fun!

A lot of things fell through. Either I didnt get the position, it was to expensive because of travel, or they just wouldnt hire me!
What did work out, was a chance to work at a summer camp in California that ministers to Los Angeles by building relationships with the diverse urban poor of the city. Kids ranging from elementary to high school get to spend a week at a beautiful camp in California.

My job will not to work directly with the kids but to be a boat driver. And maybe some other stuff (I'm not really sure yet).

Either way I am very excited and I will blog about my experiences there as they come.

If you are interested here is the website to the camp:
and here is the website of the ministry that works at the camp:

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  1. Hey Dave,

    Sounds like a great summer my man. I look forward to hearing about it. A boat driver? That sounds amazing!