Monday, July 12, 2010

Why Young Life is Great

I love being a young life leader. I was telling one of my friends here at this Oak's camp about my young life trip and how the kids on it are into all kinds of stuff that would be considered unchristian (i.e. smoking pot, messing around with girls, etc.) I was telling her that these are the kids that were on the trip and that were also SO willing to sit around in a circle and talk about Jesus, what it means to be a man of God, and what life to the full looks like. She stopped me and asked how it is that these kids come on a trip like Wilderness and are willing to talk about Jesus with us and are interested in all things I listed above and more?

This stopped me in my tracks only to help me realize that what she thought was crazy is exactly what makes Young Life is soooo great. Thank God for a ministry for shipwrecked souls like myself that were totally consumed with selfish desires but so badly was interested in hearing more about Jesus from these crazy Young Life leaders that just would not leave me alone.

How blessed I am to get to enter into the lives of so many lives and not do anything but point to Jesus Christ as the redeemer, reconciler, creator, and mender of all things.

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