Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ever have those words that just ring your head all through out the day? week? or in my case the weekend?

This weekend was the Young Life Raceway Region Leader Summit that never fails at being an absolute blast. Full of random dance parties, singing Miley Cyrus, singing awesome worship, being around awesome awesome people, and trying to understand our relationship with God better so that we might be able to love kids better.

The weekend was all of that, the people were great, I learned a lot, and I was re-focused and re-motivated as a young life leader.

But back to that word. The word that haunted my thoughts all week was "posture". It is no secret (that if you know me) I struggle deeply with issues of pride, arrogance, and authority. God has been teaching me and humbling me a lot in that area over the summer and into the school year as well. Yet still, it is no doubt a constant struggle to stand before God humbled and to not constantly think that I am better than others.

I kept asking myself what is that posture I take before God in prayer but also all through out the day? Do I stand humbled knowing that his way is unimaginably better than the way I could choose?

Do I enter into hard conversations with friends in a posture of humility that I may actually be the wrong? OR do I walk in with a posture that says I am right and there is nothing you can do about it?


I think more times than not my posture is not the one of humility that I desire it to be.

so here is some lyrics from my new favorite band that I often come back to when having this conversation with myself...

Seal my heart and break my pride
I've nowhere to stand and now nowhere to hide
Align my heart, my body, my mind
To face what I've done and do my time

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