Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Itchy Feet

I have what Chris Mccandless (Into the Wild guy) calls "itchy feet". Better characterized as the urge to go, to run away, escape responsibility, to explore, a longing for adventure, and to escape from any form of authority.

I have been day dreaming about packing up my pack,grabbing my boots and sleeping bag and just taking off. Leaving no note but just disappearing...

I have it all planned out in my head:
First I would hitch hike all the way to Maine and hop on the Appalachian trail and hike all the way to Georgia. Four to six months after I was done with that I would hitch hike to Nevada and hike the Continental divide trail all the way trough colorado and wyoming to Canada. Six months later I would hitch hike all the way to vancouver and hike the West Coast trail (my ultimate dream trail right now). A few weeks later I would ho
p on the Pacific crest trail and hike all t
he way down the coast into Mexico.

So lets see... 5 + 6 + 1 + 3 = 15 months.

probably best that I keep dreaming.

dream about it, talk about it, DO it.

some pictures of the places I want to go and maps of the trails....


  1. You'll like this guy: He's got itchy feet, too.

    ~ Waterfall

  2. I've had itchy feet for my entire life, and I've been stuck in a single town, bound by expectations.

  3. well shoot. i suppose it is never to late. Actually, it is definitely never to late to itch those feet.