Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is Capitalism a Sin?

I have watched so many movies this winter break that I literally have lost count. I am talking maybe between 20-30 movies. I know pitiful right? My mom bought me an ipad for Christmas and I have started a free month of Netflix and I've been watching a bunch of documentaries that I have found extremely engaging and worthwhile.

I recommend all of these:
"Restrepo", "Tapped", "Food Inc.", and "Capitalism a Love Story"

In Capitalism a Love Story Michael Moore asks the same question to three different priests that has been haunting me: "Is capitalism a sin?". All three of these priests responded with a fervent YES that capitalism is inherently sinful and evil.

This is something that I have pondered before and am still wrestling with in my mind to figure out. There will be more about this question later because I have drawn no conclusions, have really only wrestled with this in my own mind, and I want to have more conversations with people way wiser than I before I draw conclusions.

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