Monday, March 7, 2011

Not a Bucket List

I was browsing through an old journal and came across a bucket list I made this summer. Since then, I have grown to not really be a fan of buckets lists, as they might create a false measuring stick to measure your life's joy or 'success.' Cynicalness aside, it is still fun to dream about places you want to go, mountains you want to climb, women you want to kiss, etc.

That being said, here is my bucket list from this summer. I am not sure if if made a bucket list today that ALL of the same things would be on it or not. Nevertheless, in no particular order:

Climb Mt. Everest, K2, Mt. Mckinley,
Go to Yosemite, Sequoia, Mammoth, Muir Forest,
Hike All of the A.T., Continental Divide Trail, Pacific Coast Trail
Go To Vancouver
Hike the Pacific Coast Trail
Through hike the smokies
Write a book
Write a book on Christian Paradoxes
Get a Phd in Conflict Transformation (write the dissertation on Jesus, Peace, and Conflict)
Go Skydiving
Own a Jeep
Write Poetry for the rest of my life
Marry the most beautiful women in the world
Take my children hiking
Hike in Yellowstone
Live in Boise, Idaho
See a moose and a mountain lion in the wild
Go to Israel
Learn Hebrew
Be the first half Jewish president
Go to New Zealand
Read Lord of the Rings
Read my children Narnia Chronicles
Tell the women I marry she is the most beautiful women in the world every day of my life.
If I have a daughter, tell her to never settle, and be an example to her of how a man ought to love her.
Be in a bar confrontation and break the bottle over the edge of the bar and defend myself with the remaining jagged half.
Bring down the corrupt evil capitalistic system in America
Live in a town where I can ride a horse to the grocery store and bank
Wrestle a bear
Be a college professor

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  1. I just came across this post. I remember you reading this bucket list at camp!! hahaha I'm surprised you didnt get to scratch off seeing a mountain lion there. And you should have jumped in the lake when the bear jumped in and wrestled him. And I hope you bring down the capitalist man. Haha Brodsky you're great.