Wednesday, March 23, 2011

N.T. on the Book of John

I have been on a N.T. Wright binge. Within the past month I have read the following N.T. Wright books: After You Believe, Evil and the Justice of God, Scripture and the Authority of God, and I have dabbled in his 700 page work The Resurrection of the Son of God.

I am not 'bragging,' only mentioning these as recommended reading!

I picked up his book Following Jesus: Biblical Reflection on Discipleship (also, so far, very much worth your time).

Two semesters ago I took a class on the book of John that explored the complexities and uniqueness of the book compared to the other synoptic gospels. I think a lot of times (at least in my case) we are attracted to the book of John on a personal level because of these differences. Yet, on a scholarly level you cant help but be left confused at the complexities and uniqueness of the Gospel of John. Hence, why I love how N.T. Wright phrases his relationship with John:

"I said then, and its still true, that I feel about John like I feel about my wife; I love her very much but I wouldn't claim to understand her." -N.T. Wright

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