Thursday, May 28, 2009

Refreshing Weekend

Blessed. This weekend I was so very blessed to spend four days at my favorite place in the world: Rockbridge Virginia. Rockbridge is my home away from home and each time I go back it is something like a spiritual pilgrimage for me. Rockbridge is where I heard the gospel for the first time and where the holy spirit began to move in me my freshmen year of high school. My senior I returned for young life camp in more of a leadership role and was able to reflect on how far God had moved me since my freshmen year and also how so much of my life was living up to the standard of the Gospel. Also that same summer before my freshmen year of college I spent five weeks washing dishes twelve hours a day in the pits on work crew. It was absolutely the best time of my life and the first time I ever had to rely on the Lord every day. All that said it is a beautiful place rich in history and holy ground for what happens there each summer. Not to mention it is tucked away in the gorgeous Appalachian mountains.

Friends. Another reason the weekend was so great were the people I was able to spend time with. I do not get to spend to much time with my good and best friends that go to Ohio State and Miami but this weekend was a real blessing to get to laugh, joke, talk about nothing, and to delve into real spiritual stuff as well with the guys that I love very much but do not get to spend as much time with them as I would like to. Although, if they came to visit it would be a lot easier.

The Spirit. There was teaching each day that was very helpful in getting me focused but God really moved me through people, conversations, and literally doing nothing. I was able to get back an overall balance in my life that wasn't there before the weekend came.

There will be more later on the things that I learned but I thought the weekend as a whole and the refreshingness of being back in the presence of my good friends immersed in good conversation, and frisbee golf, not to mention being tucked away in my favorite place in the world, deserved its own blog.


  1. did you know: Charlotte is considered the Pinehurst of "Disc Golf" (as they call it here). Just a fun fact that I learned today at REI.

  2. thank you jaclyn i did not know that,
    i will take that into consideration when i am deciding where to spend the rest of my life. that will definitely have some sway to my decision.