Friday, May 15, 2009

Justifying the Unjustifiable

Whenever I have a conversation about the wars America has been involved in within the past ten years to rid the world of terrorism it never fails that someone always asks "But don't you think that we are safer now?"
Absolutely not.

We ought to be asking if Afghanistan and Iraqi citzeins are safer now? Safer from what? An evil regime? Then yes.

But in the name of your safety, my safety, and the Afghanistan citizen's safety is it permittable and justifiable to use violence, to drop bombs in towns where the Taliban might be but where we know innocent civilians are? We know that this is backwards when we can begin to see humans everywhere as having just as much right to life as our brothers or sisters or loved ones. We know when we have gained this paradigm when our stomachs begin to turn over at the thought of innocent people begin destroyed for my own safety.

I didn't ask for a Afghan boy to die for my comfort.

But an overall complacency for U.S. methods of fighting terrorism allows this to continue. My own personal life decisions long with America at large is giving the okay for this violent acts when we raise our safety above another group of equally created human beings.

If we can get past the layers of seperation we put up between "us" and "them" we would see that violence, collateral damage, bombs, etc. all justified by the need for safety: is unjustifable.

When will we stop and see past our week efforts to prevent any injustice, in this case terrorism, and look for the root of this problem?
Much conflict stems out of the inability for the parties in the situation to see that they may be to blame or may actually be the ones who need to change.

God forbid that America stopped and glanced at themselves to see what it has done and is doing to perpetuate a hatred that breeds terrorism.

This all came about when I saw that between 117-140 Afghan villagers were deemed collateral damage and killed as U.S. strikes aimed to destroy Taliban fighters.
The bombs were so powerful that people were ripped to shreds. Survivors said they collected only pieces of bodies. Several villagers said that they could not distinguish all of the dead and that they never found some of their relatives. -New York Times

O god,
Bring about people who wont stand for this
Destroy Christendom and its justifications
Raise up a fire within people that
hates violence
desires peace
is their brothers keeper
not their ender

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