Monday, February 9, 2009

Whose House are we Building?

From Frank Viola's Reimagining Church...


"Perhaps a simple illustration will help to underscore the force of what I've tried to communicate in this chapter. Suppose that you hired a carpenter to build a den as an addition to your home. You sketched out a diagram specifying how you wanted the den to be built. You then carefully explained it to the carpenter. 


After returning from a week long, vacation, you are shocked to find that your new den barely resembles the image that you sketched out for him. You ask the carpenter why he failed to adhere to your plan. He responds by saying, "I thought my ideas were better than yours."


Have we not done the same with the Lord's house?"


Look around at the Church and ask yourself if it is inline with how God dreams it to be. It will not change until we, his followers, realize that the manual has been completely thrown out, or we have chosen bits of pieces that are easier and for self benefit to apply. 

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