Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Swept Up

We followers of Christ have embarked on a journey that we will never come to the end of. The hope of each follower of Christ is that we refelect Jesus and his character each day more and more. Ulitmately, we want to be Jesus to the world, ultimately we want to throw everything off that it means to be David Brodsky and become Jesus. 

I no longer, live but Christ lives in me. 

We become swept up in the wind of God's jouney when we reliaze that there is nothing we can do, become, or reflect with the by ourselves or with the help anything or anyone. ONLY through the grace that Jesus bestows on us are we able to become what we strive for, (the incarnation of Jesus' character on earth). Although, on our own, our efforts to become more Christ like are futile, God promises through Paul that we will carry out what he started in us to its completion. 

Take hope in the power of God to change your life in any way that you dream or need. Allow your prays to be big, because when you are truly swept up in God's journey he can take you anywhere. 

Today pray a prayer so big that it seems crazy! Ask for God to end injustice or for him to use you to fix the church. Or it may be more personal, just do not let your prayer be contained by any doubts or worries that it might not be answered. If that was the case then their would be no reason to pursue Christ in the first place. 

"To suppose that whetever God requireth of us that we have power of ourselves to do, is to make the cross and grace of Jesus Christ of none effect."
-John Owen 

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