Friday, February 6, 2009


It is a Jewish tradition that says when God spoke at Mt. Sinai and gave the Torah to those following Moses, he entered into a divine, eternal, and mystical conversation with not only those who were standing at the foot of the mountain, but all of humanity at any point in time. I was asked to reflect on what God's voice would have sounded like to me if I had actually lent my ears to him that day at Sinai. Thing is, I was at Sinai. Well not actually Sinai, it was actually in Goshen Virginia (population maybe 400) that I first hear God's voice. 

The voice I heard at the foot of Mt. Sinai

Was a voice I had never heard before

My, Father had never been much of a father

He did the best he knew

But his best, fell short of what was enough

God’s voice then

Was a fatherly voice







And wise


For the first time I felt accomplished

There was nothing more or less of me

That my father needed to give adoration


Genuine Love

Without limits or circumstances

Sacrificial and tangible

A love that was once foreign


The voice was not just audible

It was close

So close I could feel the warmth of my Father’s breath


His breath was like the wind

It encompassed me with a gust of calmness


To die then,

Meant being swept up into the wind

Something unending and perfect


More than anything

I knew the voice was God’s


No longer would I question

Where this voice went,

I would follow



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